Ravenskye City/ Ravenshire Castle

November 14, 2011

The following pictures were done for a Facebook game, Ravenskye City, developed by, Lolapps. I enjoyed the project and the talented artists who worked there…

Digital Painting for the intro:


The tonal study, done first in pencil–with Smartblur added:


Owl Totem concept (digital paint):


Ravenshire Castle, another Facebook game and part of the developer’s “Raven-World” concept (Ravenwood Fair, Ravenskye City). Ravenshire Castle is thematically heavier than its counterparts, with the added component of a decorator game (the castle being a type of dollhouse). We went for a mood evoking beauty and warmth, but with a dark or heavy undercurrent.

Below is a sketch of the world map environment. The game plan is based on an isometric grid and any hint of perspective is actually a cheat. I thought the golden hour would work well for the project.


The castle interior including characters. The lighting and staging is laid out in documents below:


I was brought onto the project just as the castle itself was being developed. The walls existed in grey and one level high on the isometric grid. Here’s what I was shown:

In addition to essentially ‘turning on the lights’, I asked the engineers if I could lengthen the walls in the front and create a foreground. This would make the lower portion “unplayable” but hopefully enhance the user’s visual experience. Below was the concept, it was approved, and we went forward.


Andrew Vera made these beautiful elements in Flash based on above concept:


I painted this sample on the right and then desaturated it to explain tonal structure. The idea is to keep the floor toned darkish, the walls middle toned and the characters would exhibit the lightest lights and darkest darks. Any props would be dialed down from the characters but important assets, like “heartpieces” would exhibit the hottest colors–as seen in the overall view above. The character below is a horticulturist, Rosamunde, designed by Josh DeLeon, the shelf is a Christopher Flork creation (and belongs in the “Wizard Room”). The chair design by Connie Kang:


Light, color, and tonal guide for the interior of the castle:


Tonal structure for elements OTHER than the character:


How to lighten and darken from warm to cool:


© 6L

Two contemporary painters who have done lots of stage design are David Hockney and Gottfried Helnwein.  I looked to Helnwein for lanscape ideas (same place in Europe) and for  a certain amount of heaviness of mood. Hockney for vivid color combinations that work well with animated productions…











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